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Successful businesses often share similar tactics mySalesman is one of them.

Successful fence companies from all different parts of the country have been using mySalesman for years. Now the painting and staining industry has joined them. Our instant quote tool is proven to be effective.

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Competitive Advantage

mySalesman provides the instant answers your customers want

Consumers these days expect valuable information and instant answers when they shop online. Many service industries like fencing and staining have been slow to respond. That's where mySalesman comes in!

Sales Support

Providing the mySalesman instant quote tool magnifies the efforts of your sales team

Every position within a company needs the proper tools to do their job effectively. Your sales team is no different. mySalesman is the tool they need to be more effective and more efficient.

fencing estimate software that provides sales support
fencing estimate software that's easy to use


Deploy mySalesman quickly and easily with our expert guidance

We understand business owners and managers are busy. We have included many useful features designed to make the implementation process fast, easy, and effective.

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Why mySalesman is awesome for BUSINESS OWNERS

key features

fence quote tool that supports your customers

Supporting your customers

By giving your customers access to the many powerful features included in mySalesman, our data shows that your close rate may increase and your average ticket price may also increase - leading to greater revenue and higher profits for your business.

fence quote tool that supports your team

Supporting your team

By giving your sales team the features included in mySalesman, you equip them to close sales faster and more effectively. The powerful reports allow you to maintain a higher level of oversight. Better tools lead to better results! Everyone wins.