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Love mySalesman

  • Saves time
  • Improved close rates
  • Easy, powerful reports
  • Powerful insights
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Saves time

Eliminate unqualified leads before you drive out to their property.

People who have received a rough price quote and have seen the styles and options you have available, eliminates "tire-kickers" eliminating wasted trips - saving you valuable time!

best fence company software
best fence company software

Better results

See the customer's budget and preferences before you even speak with them

Being armed with the customer's budget and preferences allows you to have more targetted conversations - leading to higher close rates.

More Effective

Manage your sales team and your leads more effectively with powerful reports

Our powerful reports give you all the information you need at the push of a button - allowing you to manage your sales team and/or your leads more easily and more effectively.

best fence company software
fence company software that's easy to use


Your leads will be better educated consumers using our system.

By using the mySalesman Instant Quote tool, many consumers gain new insights and understandings about fencing options and pricing. A better educated consumer is easier to deal with and they make faster decisions!

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Why mySalesman is awesome for SALES MANAGERS

key features

fence quote tool

Easy setup

Adding custom products and options is fast and easy - with many major brands and styles already populated in our system.

fence quote tool

Instant notification

The system can be customized to notify one or more people (of your choosing) the moment a customer receives a quote - so you can close the sale quickly!

fence quote tool

Flexible pricing options

Each item is priced by you and can be configured with a large range of markups or discounts based on factors such as total project price, distance of the project, and other common factors.

fence quote tool

Lead tracking

Our system tracks all leads, including complete details of the quote they received - for easy reporting and follow-up.

fence quote tool

Drop-Off list

Our system tracks people who did not complete the quote. This allows you to follow up even if they didn't complete the process.

fence quote tool

Insightful reports

Our insightful reports allow you to see your customers and your price quotes in ways that you've never seen them before - providing powerful insights for better management.