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Media appearances

Recent media appearances with the mySalesman Crew!

Top of the Chain with Matt Warner

Fence News: Top of the chain with Matt Warner

August 2022

Our own mySalesman founder spoke with Fence News about our parent company, Empire Netting and Fence and what being in the fencing industry and running a business is all about – the people!

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Interview with mySalesman

Fence Post Magazine: An Interview with mySalesman

July/August 2022

Tire Kickers: Leverage technology to eliminate window shoppers and qualify real leads!

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New and upcoming mySalesman features!

Recent podcasts

We have been honored to have guest appearances on many podcasts. Here are some of our favorites with leading industry influencers!

Successful Contractor

How to invest in a team and turn them into family

February 25, 2021

with "Successful Contractor" Mark Olson

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Creating a Fencing Empire

How Matt Warner created his fencing empire

April 2, 2022

with Joe Everest, "The Fence Expert"

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Business Info Everyone Needs

Mind blowing business info everyone should know!!

April 28, 2022

"My Fence Life" with Dan Blanc and Cannon Johnson

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Staining University

Staining university 2022

March 30, 2022

"Fence Industry Podcast" Dan Wheeler

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Trials of Creating a Fencing Empire

Trials and tribulations of creating an empire w/ Matt Warner

April 29, 2022

"Spark to Fire" with Landon Rhodes

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State of Fencing Industry

State of the fencing industry in 2022: Challenges and opportunities to growing your business

April 6, 2022

"State of the Fencing Industry" ArcSite Webinar

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Building an 8-figure Fence Business

Building an 8 figure fence business ft Matt Warner - Technician to CEO

"Technician to CEO" Brad Williams; BERGflow

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Best Company Culture

Best company culture Video 2022 | 3 Easy Tips

March 17, 2022

"Stain and Seal Expert's staining university best company culture" Caleb Roth

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My fence life ep. 34

My Fence Life Ep 34 - Matt Warner calls in!

May 31, 2022

Dan & Cannon talk fence, JobNimbus and Matt Warner calls in and talks Scorpions ?!?

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My fence life ep. 27

My Fence Life Ep 27 - Ft. Kelsea & Rachel

Nov 25, 2022

Can A software change my business and make me more money?!?!

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my fence life

My Fence Life Ep 4 - Growing a fence business w/Matt Warner

Jul 21, 2021

SWING FOR THE FENCES! Matt Warner of Empire Fence and mySalesman shares his tips for success.

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my fence life ep. 22

My Fence Life, Fence Tech 2022

Apr 17, 2022

Dan & Cannon sit down and talk about their 1st ever experience of FenceTech, a convention for the fencing industry's vendors and installation company owners.

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ask the experts

Ask the experts-Live Q&A w/Matt Warner

Nov 27, 2021

I am so excited for the opportunity to chat with Matt Warner with Empire Fence!

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my fence life ep. 5

My Fence Life Ep 5 - Ft. Rachel Kroese

Jul 21, 2021

Stop driving to every house for quotes! Pre-Qualify customers w/ mySalesman ...

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5 massive mistakes

5 Massive mistakes most fence company owners Make ...

Aug 10, 2022

Today I've got my friend, and CEO of Empire Netting & Fence, Matt Warner with me to break down the 5 BIGGEST mistakes fence companies make when it comes to building a company culture and WHY their business is suffering because of it.

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ask the experts

Ask the experts - Live Q&A w/Matt Warner

Sep 10, 2022

Matt Warner of Empire Fence & of mySalesman is on to talk about a special announcement.

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Guest speaking events

The team at mySalesman attends many fencing events to promote the knowledge we have of the industry and our software products to help fencing contractors succeed. Here are a few of our recent past events we attended as guest speakers. Check out our events page for upcoming engagements!

Stain and Seal University

"Stain and Seal University" with Caleb Roth

February 2021

Stain University Website
Mr. Fence Academy

"Mr. Fence Academy" with Shawn King

January 2021

Mr. Fence Academy Website
Fence Contractor Super Summit

"Fence Contractor Super Summit" with Tony Thornton

July 2021

Super Summit Website