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Common questions

Frequently asked questions from customers like you.

No, mySalesman is an estimating tool for contractors that your salesmen can use to enhance the sales process and filter out dead-end leads.

Our fence estimate tool is build to be used as an aid both for your salesman and for your customers to streamline the entire process! The automated quotes and design tool we provide gives your customers a visual idea of their fence project while providing an initial estimate your salesman can use in developing a relationship with your quality leads.

Yes, you can control the type of fence, styles, colors etc. as well as pricing on the backend of the fence estimating software to perfectly fit your company's needs.

No, mySalesman is a lead-qualifying tool. This estimating software allows you to "vet" every customer before you go on site, providing your team with qualified leads to save time and efficiency. Customers love this tool for the automated quotes and the design tool options they can use.

No, your pricing is hidden. Our fence price calculator program only shows a budget range that you control, which you use as a starting point when reaching out to your customers for follow up.

We use Google Maps, and the updates can vary based on location. New developments tend to be updated more frequently. For the new developments we do have a blank canvas option. In most cases, this is not an issue.

Most people know where their property line is and can still use the fence design tool to get close. Remember - this is just a budget to give them an idea of how much a fence is going to cost. It is not an exact quote, but a price estimator tool that can be adjusted.

Not at all! This fencing estimate software enhances the sales experience. We still encourage you to go out and meet with homeowners on site to get a firm quote once you have qualified their lead and reviewed their initial request from our design tool.

Absolutely! Our fence quote tool is a link you can provide to your customers whether you use it through your social media channels, as a QR code on printed materials like door hangers, or send it in a text message. You can use the tool however it works best for you and your business to quality your leads and provide a great design tool for your customers with automated quotes.

Our contractor software can be ready to use within an hour after signing up! That's how easy it is to implement! Speak with our software experts for more information for your specific business needs.

Our software team provides onboarding support for our processes and procedures from day one with whatever you need! Your mySalesman success coach will walk you through the setup from the backend and make sure you are getting just what you want from our tool.

There's not a question we can't answer, or a situation we haven't experienced to help our companies utilize our estimating tool to the fullest!