About Us

mySalesman is budget and mapping software made to benefit fence contractors and their customers. Our founder, Matt Warner, is a man of the fence industry himself, so he has experienced the problems mySalesman was created to fix firsthand. Our goal is to provide fence contractors with a more efficient way to qualify leads and manage their sales.

Our Story (through the eyes of our founder)

As a salesman and branch manager in Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the biggest challenges in my day-to-day operations was asking, "Does this customer want a fence now, or do they just need a budget for the future?" Our employees spent many hours meeting with customers that ended up being dead-end leads. After adding up the expenses of fuel and time spent on these unsuccessful leads, I decided I wanted to develop a way for customers to get a budget on their own. A simple way for them to explore different fence options while being in the comfort of their own home, with the ultimate goal of qualifying every lead.

Matt Warner