Bing Maps

mySalesman utilizes Bing Maps to provide customers the ability to locate their property via satellite images so they can design the most approximate fence possible.


Draw Tool

The draw tool allows customers   to easily design their fence around their property as well as place desired gates. Once the fence is drawn, edits may be made to both segments and gates.


Budget Calculator

Combined with the mapping software, our budget calculator accurately provides a budget estimate based on your customer's custom fence design.


Inquiry Request

Once the customer is happy with their budget, they will be promp- ted to fill out a contact form which will be sent along with the budget information to your sales reps.


Easy Setup

Easy setup includes simple sign up, catalog customization, site integration and customer service that's here for you.


Data Storage

Within your mySalesman admin account you will have access to myReports, where data from customer inquiries will be stored. This data can be filtered by date and easily printed.

Administration Tools

myBusiness Info

Edit your company's information that will be seen throughout the mySalesman interface.

  • Upload your company's logo and provide the main company contact information
  • Add sales representatives including specific contact information and profile photo


Edit your fence catalog items that customers will choose from

  • Edit inventory options specific to your company
  • Choose from our catalog of image thumbnails to match fence options or provide your own
  • Enter prices to reflect your company's actual prices


View data being stored from customer inquiries

  • Filter data by date
  • Easily access customer information and inquiries