Common Questions

Frequently asked questions from customers like you.

No, mySalesman is a tool your salesmen can use to enhance the sales process and filter out dead-end leads.

Yes, you can control the type of fence, styles, colors etc. as well as pricing on the backend.

No, mySalesman is a lead-qualifying tool. It allows you to "vet" every customer before you go on site.

No, your pricing is hidden. The program only shows a budget range that you control.

We use Google Maps, and the updates can vary based on location. New developments tend to be updated more frequently. For the new developments we do have a blank canvas option. In most cases, this is not an issue.

Most people know where their property line is and can still get close. Remember- this is just a budget to give them an idea of how much a fence is going to cost. It is not an exact quote.

No - this tool enhances the sales experience. We still encourage you to go out and meet with homeowners on site to get a firm quote once you have qualified their lead.